QR Codes used in Graffiti

We are starting to see QR codes in more and more places, on direct mailings, print ads, magazine covers, restaurant menus, bar napkins, and even beach trash cans.  What may surprise you is this:  QR codes have found their way into graffiti.

One way to get a QR code incorporated within graffiti is by creating a QR code stencil.  The 2D code is then sprayed on using spray paint.  The person who desires a stencil QR code simply has to create a QR code as one would usually do and then upload it into a program that turns the QR code into a file that can be printed by any local company that offers laser-cutting services.

At this point you may be saying to yourself, okay that’s great, but WHY?!  Well, there is actually more than one answer to that question in this case.  One answer is because they want to preserve the artwork even after it is taken down by the building owners and/or authorities.  One organization called “Graffyard” created a YouTube video of how it works:

This organization does not use the stencils; they use QR code stickers (as to not damage property.) The organization said that you’re given the opportunity to travel back in time by using QR codes on places where graffiti once was.

Another reason that people are using QR codes on their graffiti is because they want to showcase other pieces they have worked on – using the QR code almost as a portfolio. Most of these people are using the QR code stencils and spraying them on or near their work.  Below is a photo of how graffiti artists are using QR codes to showcase their works.

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